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We design, manufacture and supply wastewater treatment solutions for industries that have persistent organic chemicals in their effluent. We can help you with:

  • Industrial wastewater treatment
  • Enabling water reuse safely
  • Discharge compliance
  • Reducing wastewater incineration

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  • Treatability trial to scope the pilot
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What’s it like to work with Arvia?

“Arvia have been interested, attentive and very knowledgeable in our project for treatment of API residues in waste. Their technology is innovative and has been proven to solve our waste issue.”

Pharmaceutical company, US


Our industrial water treatment solutions

Our range of Nyex™ industrial water treatment solutions use a patented combination of adsorption and electrochemical oxidation. This animation shows how we achieve reduced energy consumption when compared with other advanced wastewater treatment systems.

We provide robust and effective solutions for removing organic chemicals from water. This includes harmful micropollutants like APIs and pesticides as well as recalcitrant COD (chemical oxygen demand) and colour.

  • Persistent organic chemicals reduced to trace levels
  • No chemical dosing required for effective operation
  • Unique combination of adsorption and oxidation reduces energy consumption
  • Simple operation with no moving parts, can be turned on and off as required.

Our industrial wastewater treatment technologies use a patented combination of adsorption and electrochemical oxidation.

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Industrial wastewater treatment for Zestron China’s water reuse project

“We have been working with Arvia to try to reuse more of our wastewater and to meet new regulations. We have seen impressive R&D results in the removal of 1-Phenoxy-2-propanol and are now looking to pilot.”

Jimmy Tian, application engineer of Zestron China R&D.


Sustainable water treatment uses green energy

Preventing damage to the environment was one of the driving forces behind the conception of Arvia’s Nyex industrial wastewater treatment solutions. We wanted to develop a product which allows sustainability in water treatment – low energy and no chemical dosing.

The idea was to devise a system which was as effective as GAC in removing harmful and persistent organic pollutants but which could be regenerated in-situ. This would remove the need for trucking and excessive heat treatment of media.

Not only does the adsorption media regenerate during operation, avoiding the environmental costs of media replacement, but there is also no need for chemical dosing for effective water treatment.
In addition, our system can be powered entirely from green energy. Ask us about our plant in southern Spain powered by solar panels.

Our wastewater treatment expertise

Our water technology can be used to treat a variety of water treatment applications. Once we understand the nature of your wastewater and your final water quality target, our water treatment specialists can make recommendations as to how best to treat your water. Take a look at some of the Nyex applications here:

Arvia customer case studies

Working towards a carbon neutral water treatment

Our commitment to the environment is inherent in our culture. Every person in Arvia is motivated by being able to make a difference to our impact on the planet. We are all concerned with the ESG pledges made by the countries around the world to reduce carbon emissions by 2050.
Our part in this is to help our clients work towards sustainability in water treatment. In addition we have committed to a carbon neutrality program which you can read about here:

Our carbon neutral water treatment pledge

  • Engineering assessment of your water profile
  • Treatability trial to scope the pilot
  • Optioneering to determine best solution